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I just got a gnarly gash, which I'm not sure if I should have had stitches for... but I didn't and I am adamant about staying as natural as possible.
This is part is more wound related...Ive been taking Vitamin K: helps promote the production of prothrombin which allows faster clotting.
Also calcium because it triggers the next clot step (helps prothrombin turn into thrombin faster). Note: calcium citrate, or bicarbonate are from whole foods and therefore have the enzymes needed for control. Calcium CARBONATE usually derived from oyster shells,NOT GOOD, causes gall/kidney stones.
More scar related...I dropped drops of tea tree(14), helichrysm(70), lavender(5), and peppermint(5) essential oil in a 1oz bottle of rosehip oil, vitamin E oil blend. ALL of those very good for scars and restoring skin. Rosehip oil contains a lot of vit A.
Gotu Kola is good for bad scars and can affect old ones.
I also have an aloe plant and I've been using the pulp on my scar.
I've been using the topical stuff for a while, but only when i started taking the internal stuff is when i saw a lot of results. Hope this isn't too lengthy, and hope it was helpful :)

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