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Cut a lime in half, rub on forehead.

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mmm lime


Actual, I find drinking the lime -juiced and mixed in warm water helps (sugar, sweetener optional)


I have actually tried this and it has worked every time.


My eight year old son had a head ache and we tried the rubbing lemon on the forhead and it work..less than 10 minutes the headache was gone..thank you

Mr Migraine

You've got to be kidding.. How about, 'Rub a kiwi on your bottom. Works every time.' What a joke..

cj ur lover

hahaha rub a lime on your forhead??!!! how about when you are constipated?? rub a orange on your ass????


ha haha ha mmmmm lime (below me)


People need to stop making jokes with something that actually does work. It also works if you take lemon juice and put it on a paper towel and rub it on your forehead.


i tried this and added a 6 coronas and the headache was gone and so was I

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