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I have been in extreme pain for the past several months on and off again, with a serious toothache. My back wisdom tooth or molder is cracked and looks s if could be pulled out by hand....I've put baby and adult oral jell to numb the pain, which provided mid level relief. Today I have experienced thee worst pain, I could not move, eat, or talk I just laid in be hopeless. I asked my mom if she knew of any home remedies for toothaches. She suggested vanilla extract, she filled a tea spoon of vanilla extract, held the spoon over the fire on the stove to heat, than she poured the hot liquid directly on my tooth. It didn't burn, I also took 2 Aleve pills, the pain decreased significantly and eventually stopped all together. I was able to function, got out of the bed , finished laundry and eat dinner at 9pm, thank god n grandmothers. Peace.....hurry up and try 4 I Stanton relief.

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