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feelnsexi46 (PB)

So i broke my back molar about a week and a half ago. Actually it was broke about two years ago, but I broke it even better this last time. Tonight was the night where it felt like I couldn't stand the pain. Cold water, oh hell no, warm water, ok.. Food would AMD still get stuck up in between even though I don't even chew on that side. I took a More in 800 mg along with crushing up an aspirin and putting that directly onto the broken area and the gum. I even dipped a q-tip in liquid ibuprofen and bit down on the q-tip.. This was about 15 mins ago I did all this. I'm laying down and resting and I don't seem to have any pain.... So good luck on this if you decide to try.. On to the next remedy,  I had a customer tell me she had put JB Weld on her broken tooth and it held for 14 years and I hadn't even said anything about a broken tooth... I'm actually pondering this over, because like a lot of people I work my ass off at a big home improvement store, for little pay and part time with no benefits. So I can't afford dental and I can't afford anything anyways... Anywhozer, good luck and let me know how your tooth pain gets to feeling better... I am not a dentist, knore do i play one on TV... Try JB Weld as a tooth sealant should only be done if and only if you decide nothing else has worked for you and then and only then would I maybe try.... Good luck and get some relief

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