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ok I have tried most of these and no insurance to go to the doctor and nothing worked. I decided that to treat any other bacterial infection you use antibiotic ointment right? 4 days of rubbing triple antibiotic ointment inside and no more smell or color. I know it says external use only but I feel amazing. after intercourse I just rub some around just to make sure and so far it's great. hope this helps someone.

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Hi, i also suffer VERY often with BV's & even when i had insurance & when i was prescribed antibiotics (u take by mouth), they only worked for a short amount of time & before i know it, it's right back to haunt me! I currently dont have insurance though & am at my wits end with this controling my life & interferring with sex with my boyfriend. I seen ur post & i was quite interested to see exactly what kind of triple antibiotic cream u have been using for this so i can maybe try it. Please help! Thankyou so much!!


Is it really safe to do that? If so I'll try it because this just sucks. Bv is ruining my life and I'm looking for anything to work. I don't even feel like the same person anymore.


I've been using triple antibiotic ointment... the generic brand.... for my BV.... and while it didn't take it completely away, it helped tremendously.. using it after sex helps too for preventative measures. So does adding some Apple cider vinegar to your bath.

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