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My mother is an audiologist and I've learned along the way ear drops NEVER work they make it worse take some Tylenol extra strength and put a hot compress down on your pillow with your bad ear on it and take a nap works like a charm to loosen wax take a hot wash cloth and soap and rub it around the opening of your ear NEVER use q-tips it will make it worse and drink alot of vitamin c and water hot peppermint tea with honey also works like a charm for the sore throat since honey is a natural antibiotic

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Ear drops do work but not on all types of inflammation or pain. When drops fail and other OTC pain/fever relief (Tylenol/Aspirin/Willow Bark) or antiinflammatories (Advil/ Aleve/Capsaicin) it can be indicative of other issues. Some pains may be sinus or eustachian tube related. If you see mild puffiness in the bottom eyelids or if you press & gently rub the hollow behind your ears & hear a slight pop or feel pain that is a good sign it is something else. A good steamy shower or draping a towel over your head & leaning over a sink or pot of steaming water will help.


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Great suggestions! They worked for my 3.5 year old son. Finally gave him some relief!


Keep in mind people that it's only local honey that works well for allergies. If you live in New York and you're consuming honey from California, it's not going to do much for you. Local honey is made from local flowers, the same thing that's giving you the problems. Hope this clarifies things for people

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