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My mother is an audiologist and I've learned along the way ear drops NEVER work they make it worse take some Tylenol extra strength and put a hot compress down on your pillow with your bad ear on it and take a nap works like a charm to loosen wax take a hot wash cloth and soap and rub it around the opening of your ear NEVER use q-tips it will make it worse and drink alot of vitamin c and water hot peppermint tea with honey also works like a charm for the sore throat since honey is a natural antibiotic

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You are retarded. Antibiotic ear drops don't work, only a dumbass would post that. Please die for the good of the population.


The heat makes ur ear swollen!!!


Antibiotic ear drops don't work for my ear.. It makes the pain worse.. It all depends on the person if the meds work or not

Home Earache Remedies

Sometimes ear pain is cause by a toothache, it is usual happen of a children, if you want a natural remedies for that kind of ear problem, you can try it by checking here >>>


I am hoping that you are too young to know your grammar rules. And no, it isn't style when you don't

Gina Marie

Thank you for this information. I am drinking my peppermint tea with honey, popped 2 Tylenol and I have a rice neck wrap pack I just heated up in my microwave which is resting on my ear. Feel better already. Hey, if it works for you then great. Let us show gratitude and not speak nastily. Shame on you.


Maybe they wasn't talking about antibiotic drops. Maybe they was talking about over the counter ear drops. This suggestion works for me.


Can I tell u some advice never use ear drops all they really do is go down in ur ear hurt alot num it but when u sit up it comes out!!!!


Thanks this information really helped!!!


Ear drops o-t-c or prescribed haven't helped me this go around. In the past they've seemed to help, but not always. Very useful remedies, thanks!

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