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Wanted to thank everyone who posted remedies for these awful things. I'm 30 years old and I've suffered from multiple boils every year since I was a teenager. I've had one lanced by a doctor and never want to do that again cause OUCH! I usually get them on my private area or on my butt but my usual remedy is just to take a hot bath and use warm compresses. That usually brings it to a head fast. But I just got one on the lower part of my stomach and not sure if it was the location or what but it was by far the most painful one I've experienced. I was almost in tears and I have a high pain tolerance! I broken 2 fingers (while pregnant so no pain meds!) and had a 10 hour natural labor and delivery and this pain was right up there with them.

Anyway, I started with a long soak in the tub with the water as hot as I could stand it. Did nothing so I used warm compresses for a bit. Even the compresses hurt! That's when I hit the internet and searched for home remedies. Discovered this site and read through most of the remedies. Decided to try some things I had on hand. First I used toothpaste and added a layer of vapor rub. Bandaged it up and left it for a few hours. Before I went to bed, I cleaned it with peroxide and Dial soap. Added some Campho Phenique and bandaged again. I noticed it wasn't nearly as sore when I got up this morning but just left it alone for a few hours. Just gathered more supplies and hit the bathroom to doctor it some more and when I pulled the bandage off, 'stuff' started gushing everywhere! I ended up using 4 big wads of toilet tissue to get all the blood and pus cleaned up. I cleaned it again with peroxide and Dial and used Neosporin and bandaged it again in case it still leaks. It's still tender and sore but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I hope to never have one this bad again but if I ever do, I now know things to try to speed the process again and get relief because these things are awful!!

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