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Here are my experiences with severe jock itch
Bleach worked initially very well, but the jock itch returned, then the bleach stopped working

I have noticed that diet has a large impact on the infection
I am unfortunate to have the infection not only in my toes & groin but in my ear cannals as well.
If I eat bread or foods that contain lots of sugar, yeast or refined carbs, my ears start itching unbearably.

Even though I have my condition under control, I am of the belief that once contracted, I will never be free from the infection. Just keep it contained.

To keep the groin under control:
I shower after my morning toilet #2
When going #2 I always use flushable wipes regardless if I am about to have a shower
After showering, I use a hair dryer on the hotest setting and ensure every crevice is bone dry
I then apply “Curash” powder (Product on the supermarket shelves in Australia)

The most effective cream to manage an outbreak is a product called Kenacomb
Only available here by prescription.
I tried all other over the counter creams, and this product is far, far better than anything

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