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Hi all,

I'm an elementary school teacher from Ireland, and after escaping 25 years lice free I recently became infested! Damn kiddies! I made the discovery late at night and all pharmacies were closed, so I decided to look up home remedies. I took a list of most of the suggestions on this page. In the end my mother and I made the following mixture of whatever we could find in the house. This included...
Bread soda
Dish soap
Mouth wash
Tea tree oil
Olive oil

My mother mixed them all together and applied it on dry hair using an old toothbrush (similar to the way you'd apply hair dye). When all the mixture was done we lathered up and wrapped hair in a towel for almost two hours. I could feel the itch disappearing during that time! We then rinsed the hair and applied shampoo and conditioner. When the conditioner was in we combed it through, left it for a few minutes and then rinsed it out!

After we went through my hair with a lice comb and all we found were dead lice! I blow dried my hair on high temp and then straightened it esp near the roots to kill off any possible nits!

Anyway the result is so far so good.

I think the best thing is find whatever u have from my list at home and go for it!

Best of luck :)

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