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i had fungus for years and spent lots of i urinate on my feet every chance i get ..fungus gone for good

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Yes gross, but I too have heard this. Madonna was on an episode of Dave Letterman and told him she pees in the shower because urine has antiseptic properties.
You can Google 'Madonna David Letterman urine' and you will get plenty of results with this info. (Comments on here do not permit links so could not insert the one where I read it)


After you urinate on your feet, do you rinse it off? If not, that's got to stink!


I drink my urine on a daily basis and let me tell you I haven't had a fungal infection in years.... and this is all Free! The most natural remedies are the best ones frequently...


as much meds thats in my pee...i'll give it a's free and dude usually know grand dad said it was great for sucking your thumb... I never sucked mine neither did my!!


I have heard of this as well and it was from my ex husband when he came home from basic training in the Army. I also heard that urine will clear up an ear infection as well. I guess if you are in enough pain you will do anything for relief :)


Just out of curiosity, did this remedy only get a 5 rating because people found it to be too disgusting for them, or did people actually try it and it didn't work? I am not about to drink my urine but don't have a problem applying it topically. Also, does this work for deeply embedded fungus or just mild to moderate? I have tried most of the combinations listed for years to no avail so I am open to trying this if it works. I see no reason in being juvenile about a natural bodily function. J/s.

Stan M.

I was in the army in Vietnam and our company medic told us to do this if we had a fungus. Another soldier had a really bad fungus and was told to also DRINK his urine. He did it - I watched him - and the fungus was gone in about a week. Crazy nasty, but it works. I'm told urine is sterile and we were told in survival school to drink it if we were in danger of dying of thirst too.

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