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Denis Smith

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)made my life a hell. Especially when I am in class and my belly makes noises, it simply is unbearable. Then I was having cough and my sister prepared honey (Yellow)mixed with squashed garlic in a bottle. I started taking it about 1 tablespoon per day. The symkptoms of roaring stomack subsided. I am just in the process. I hope it will totally cure me.

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Lily Isabelle

Hello Denis,
I think you are now you are in school or high school age. So here are some points for you that you need to know. From now you should not chew gum or candy as it contains artificial sweeteners. Also need to eat some healthy foods except fast and oily foods. Also you can ask your parents to have natural medicines that can cure IBS problem of yours like 'LeanNClean'. Hope these tips are helps you.

Lily Isabelle

Also, try mayo. Take two tablespoons of mayo twice a day. It has completely eradicated my problems.

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