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I had migranes for several years in my 30's and was taking very strong meds. One day my children noticed that I was getting a deep wrinkle between my eyebrows. Not wanting to have a permanent wrinkle there, I started rubbing it out every time I saw it. I found that as the wrinkle went away, the number of headaches I had did too. I have not had a migrane now for years - and no wrinkle either. I say vanity cured by migranes.

I have heard now that doctors are using BOTOX shots in that location (between the eyebrows) for migrane headache relief. I think you can do it yourself by just massaging that area several times a day.
Because of my experience, I believe that migranes are caused by tensing a certain head or neck muscle. If you can pinpoint that muscle and either massage it, or rest it in some way, that may solve migrane headaches.

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OMG! I tried this and it really worked! thanks! :D


I also have a heavy wrinkle between my brows so I'll start massaging it. Thanx for the suggestion.


When I read this comment, I felt some relief because I noticed that wrinkle too along with one of my eyes looking smaller. I too would give myself messages and apply pressure to the tips of my eyebrows(middle)with my knuckles and it relived pain.


suffered all day, read this suggestion and tried it while on the seems to be working.


oh my gosh...been suffering all day.ALL DAY. And I did this while sitting here at the computer. Feeling better already. Its not gone, but relief is starting. :)


As with these fellow sufferers, I just sat here and tried that trick. It worked a little. It worked enough that its not as intense. I will sit here and keep doing it. Its been about 15 minutes since I tried it the first time.

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