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Natalie F

Never read such nonsense until I came across this site! Treating fungal nail with a bucket of water I mean have people gone mad? The only way to eradicate fungal nail without tablets is to change the environment in which the fungus dwells. fungalnailcure. co. uk. says how to do it exactly why are people still bathing their feet in listerine etc? some of these are truly laughable. Anyway cures it in weeks. Can't say I didn't tell you. Natalie.

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optional nam

I guess you are lucky to no be allergic to the poisonous products and medications that are being made. Millions of people. Billions of $$.

I kindness I ask

Why so rude? What hurt is beneath such comments?


Don't bother going to that website, they are just after your money. Diluted Milton works fine.

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