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Ok been dealing with BV for the 10 months now. Seen the doctor system returned.Read some of the post. Going to to try BV Essentials and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. For the irritation going to use some diaper rash cream. Will check back in month.

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Girls I suffered from BV for months and I tried all of the above everything i found on the internet from vinager to yogurt. Nothing worked for me or maybe everything at the same time IDK ! but I did see a big diff. and my BV going away in just one night with BV essentials i bought it at cvs for around $22 yes it's a bit expensive but it works. I do have to say though that I can never use it like it says bc it burns so I only use it for about 20 mins then take it out when it starts itcihng/burning but trust me it definitely works.I just wanted to share that. I also dranked a lot of cramberry juice. Right now I have it again after about 7 months but it's all hormonal part of being a girl :/ good luck!

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