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So I bought the Somxl product and it took forever to come. I used it for about 9 days and it burns! I read many comments where it was supposed to take just around a week, mine instead got larger, itchier, and I think I have a hemorrhoid that got enlarged because of the irritation now.

Instead, I started trying a combination of the remedies on this page! I have 3 small pin-head sized warts that are white inside (the opening) of my ass. I switch off between rubbing the Tea Tree Oil with Vitamin E and Aloe for support and soothing. I also place a sliced garlic clove in there for an hour or so (it will burn). Before bed, I will pop a garlic oil capsule and rub it on the spot over night.

Wash well with warm water between ALL of the steps to make the full use of them! I noticed after even 1 day of this that they started going down, hemorrhoid is also MUCH MUCH better!

I am in quite a hurry because I will be visiting my boyfriend in 2 weeks (after 3 months) so clearly I want sex... Haha.

I will try to re-post soon with updates!

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While this may cure the wart, remember that the virus may still be present and communicable in the tissue itself without showing any symptoms. I can vouch for this: I contracted warts from someone who had never had any symptoms!

legal matter

You better tell him some bitch lied to me an I got em so you better be honest an hope to hell you don't spread it. I haven't had sex in a while now. Because I am not spreading this shit till I'm 100000000% sure I'm clean.


i am thankful with acv... because in just 2 days my warts in anus was treated,...

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