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I couldn't sleep at night because of my bad stuffy nose so, I just applied toothpaste over my nasal area and right above my upper lip. After applying the toothe paste I could breathe much better.

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Woow tenks a lot it really works


It really works ! thanks a lot !


Hm it actually works


After reading the reviews, I agree, it does work. Nose still stuffy, but I can breathe better now.


So Good Work this tips thanks so much ALLAH ap ko es k aajar dy ameen
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I tried this shit an burnt my damn nostrils😅😅


Did u use a certain kind?


so when you put it on there does it matter that kind or how much or anything like tat cuz i would like to know and after reading all the comments it seems like it really worked for some people yeah


Ok I put it on then it started burning. But it does work just make sure you wipe it off before the burning begins. I think it burned because the minty toothpaste is strong. To soothe the burning I applied coconut oil and it immediately stopped burning! I can still breathe better since the cooling of the toothpaste is still there


Amazing !

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