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My son is two and has had herpes simplex 2 since he was three months old he gets it on his nose and he has had it a lot every time he falls and hits his nose, every time he gets a cut on his nose or even when he gets a cold. It hurts me to see him with this I cry everytime he gets it. I myself do not have it. He had a cut on his nose and my mom kissed him she has breakouts on her nose just like he does. He has had it about 12 time's and has been on acyclovir on and off since he was three months now he is on it as a preventive medicine my insurance ended yesterday and he broke out with it today and im out of medicine.:( does anyone have any idea what I could use on him being its on his nose and close to his eyes?

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I'm so sorry about your son...I myself have HSV2 and I know how it feels. Your son is only two so supplements he takes internally must be approved by your medical practitioner. I tried these and they worked for me:
Spirulina 4grams a day (google it...there's research abt it...but you may need to adjust the dosage for your son)

Black Seed Nigella Sativa Oil 500 mg softgel. I take two softgels once a day.

Bee propolis 3 grams a day (you can also apply topically on the lesion, it will heal faster...I apply 3 times a day 2hen there's outbreak)

You may need to adjust the dosage...I wish you all the best


Apply BEE PROPOLIS TINCTURE 3 times a day ...tea tree oil may help but it stings...try the bee propolis tincture


Give your baby margosa powder indians call neem leafs consult your doc before giving your baby i care that why i wrote this for our's all natural you can mix the powder in milk or food....even you can take it is good for breast feeding...Google it this the best i can luck n i wanna see our baby smilling always love from Malaysia :-)


I will be checking your comment if anything u wanna know please ask... I care for our baby (your son)I will be



I resently found out that garlic oil helps a lot. I currently use it and it help get rid of it with in 4 days.


Nyal cold sore cream soothes and heals


Get him the medicine! If it were you in that kind of pain you would get the meds. Go to welfare if you have to. No child should have to suffer this torment!....deb

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