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This worked for my daughter after an ongoing outbreak of head lice in her scout troop and elementary school about ten years ago. I tried all the OTC lice killers, shampoos, combs, nit picking...only to have the little !@#$% reappear.

My pediatrician's own daughter had it and this is the remedy she gave me: MAYONNAISE! It loosens the nits from the hair shaft overnight. So I loaded my daughter's hair up with mayo, put on a shower cap, shampooed her hair in the morning and combed out the nits. (I had already cut her hair into a cute ear length bob.)

And everything in her room was bagged up for a couple of weeks - especially stuffed animals. Her room was vacuumed & mopped daily, all her bedding was washed in hot water daily and I put plastic zippered covers on her mattress and pillow. Finally it worked!

It's also important to educate after school care givers not to dump all the kids coats & hats together!!!

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