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I've had ringworm for 5 months now. I got it from my cat. It started on my inner thigh, I had it for a few weeks before I realized it was ringworm. I bought OTC cream and fungal soap but it didn't help. Since I babysit as a living I started putting band aids over it and wore jeans because I was terrified of it spreading to the kids.

Putting band aids over it is a bad idea, I didn't realize that until about 2 months into having it. Which it spread to my other thigh, bikini line, my outer labia and my butt. I stopped putting band aids over it.

I finally went to an urgent care and they prescribed me some pills to take, those didn't help so I went back in and got ointment, that didn't help at all.

By the 4th month I started spraying on rubbing alcohol 4-6 times a day on it and i FINALLY saw some changes. It dried out, so well that I could barely see it anymore.

But unfortunately I still have it. I'm back to using my left over prescribed ringworm ointment.

I want to give up, I just want this I go away.

Does anyone have any good home remedies? IM DESPERATE!

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make a solution with salt and water. wash the affected area. then apply extra virgin coconut oil.
repeat 2-3 times a day. dont cover it up. the moisture accumulated will make it worse


I m suffering ringworm from 1 year give me some tips


i had one in my arm for a good while... was not going away. i was also covering this with i bandaid and this was getting bigger and bigger. my ex boss asked me what was wrong and she said her son was in a wrestling team and constantly getting this. she recommended Tinacting Foot Spray. in less than a week. this was gone.


I had one last month start using straight bleach on a rag and apply pressure for thirty seconds to a min do it several times a day it will be gone in a week promise


Go to tanning bed but don't put on any lotion for 10 mins, continue to use anti fungal cream during daily care. Mine was gone in 5 sessions


Mustard seed and water stir together until it becomes a paste(about a teaspoon depending on how much you mustard seed you use) i eye balled it than rub on the affected area 3 times a day leave it on for 30 seconds than rub off with a warm wash cloth pat dry repeat until it goes away and you can also continue doing this even after its gone so it NEVER comes back hope this helps:-)

Andrea Mathis

I'm battling the ringworm now. But I'm at the healing stage. I used the OTC ointments and that didn't work and I even took the prescribed pills, which also didn't work. I bought this home remedy and it really worked. Taking 2 kelp pills with every meal and also taking two garlic pills with every meal starts attacking the fungus from the inside. Aldo taking 2 olive tree pills with every meal speeds the process. Now the ringworm is a fungus that as time goes on, it digs itself down deeper layers of your skin. To attack the fungus externally soak in 2 tablespoons of kelp powder every night for about 25 minutes and then bathe with kelp soap. All of the items can be found at any health or organic store. All items are going to be around $60 total. But it sites beats paying for OTC creams which do nothing but feed the fungus. I suffered with the ring worm for 2.5 months and after using this home remedy I saw changes within 4 days. I hope it works for you too.


I have struggled with ringworm for over two months, using everything under the sun, without results. I finally used lime sulfer dip(usually used for dogs with mange) and it cleared it up with only one application.


I have the had the same problem. My dog had ring worms (yes plural) so I bought an anti-fungal/ antibacterial shampoo for her.Washed her, washed the sheets washed almost any thing she came in contact with.For yourself try apple cider vinegar. Mix it with water and keep it in a spray bottle. For your cat I suggest an anti-fungal shampoo and conditioner spray you can get one from Wal- Mart or online. I probably wouldn't let her stray for a while if she is an indoor/ outdoor cat. Use the acv liberally, anytime you feel an itch spray! it's non toxic and all natural so use it as much as possible. I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me. It may take a while. Good Luck!


I had ringworm under my breasts and between my left thigh and vaginal area for two months. Got rid of it completely with Monistat cream-- used for two 7 day cycles. Kept the areas cool and dry. Avoid sweating.

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