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I have suffered with BV since 2011 after battling with chronic yeast infections. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I stopped getting yeast infections and just had this horrible discharge and odour but not the same cottage cheese stuff. I felt so gross! Anyway, after trying the candida diet and flagyl and nothing worked..I saw on here a remedy using vitamin d3. Worked for 3 days which was nice. Then, I tried douching with apple cider vinegar, worked for a couple of hours usually. So then I saw another thing where people were using probiotic AND douching with ACV. Bingo! I'm single and whenever I do not have any intercourse my symptoms seems to diminish after a couple menstrual cycles. I recently had sex and felt the same familiar symptoms of it: burning, pasty white discharge, odour. So the next morning I:

1) douched with ACV

2) took a probiotic (the refrigerated kind with 7.5 billion CFUs of bifido bacterium and 7.5 billion CFUs of lactobaccilus acidophilus)

3)10 000 IU of vitamin D3

I also take b complex vitamins and an extra 1000 mcg of biotin (which i read on the internet controls yeast infections?) I don't know if that has anything to do with it though.

Its been 4 days and I have absolutely no symptoms at all. I guess its kind of early so all factors can't be accounted for, like having sex again, or right before or after your period but I'm remaining optimistic! The probiotic is really the only thing you have to splurge on everything else is pretty cheap, so try it!

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You said you douched with ACV, what is that and where can I find it?


ACV means apple cider vinegar.

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