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Southern Virginia folks

Well, unlike some participants, this new OTC called 'Zanfel' really did work for my husband and me. Last night, when realizing sleep wasn't going to come as our poison ivy itching on our forearms and hands - about 39 hours after a heavy duty weeding session - was going ballistic, I drove to the nearby all-night drugstore and bought the stuff - expensive, but the druggist promised a refund if it didn't work. We scrubbed and scrubbed with it as directed, and the imediate stinging sensation was a welcome relief. Over the next half-hour that itch re-surfaced, and I just applied ice compresses for a half-hour, took two PM's and went to bed. This morning, both of us are nearly free of discomfort, the lesions still pinkish, and one or two small patches just a little itchy. If they continue we'll apply the Zanfel again, but the difference is amazing. After one application, I'd say 95% itch free about describes it.

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It worked really well for me. I loved that it was a scrub so it felt good to 'scratch'!


I have super sensitive skin and had herd the Zanfel was very effective. I did not find that to be so. Immediately after contact, although I had never been sensitive to poison ivy in my life, I washed with hot water and soap. Why chance it, you know? The next day I had a few blisters & rash on my forearms. My husband gave me Zanfel that he had. Followed directions exactly. Not only didn't work for me, I had a tremendous spreading of the rash & blisters. Tried for 3 days before I gave up. MY skin didn't like the stuff!

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