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Okay, so I'm a woman of color and I had stretch marks on my a$$ for quite some time now, and I tried just about everything for it and nothing seemed to work....until I stumbled across a product called 'lactic acid' a savior! It completely got rid of my light stretch stretch marks like it never existed. I mixed about 40 percent lactic acid with any kind of water based lotion ( I used jergens) applied it to my body for a month straight before I applied 90 percent lactic acid straight on stretch marks for a half hour or the whole day. It took 2 applications a month apart for them to vanish!

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I have alot of stretch marks on my stomach ,lower abdomen,boobs ,and my bump from the birth of my daughter .she is now two years. I have started hating my body .i never used to put off my cloths in front of my husband.i have lost all mu self esteem.please suggest me some thing that would really work



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