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Okay, so I'm a woman of color and I had stretch marks on my a$$ for quite some time now, and I tried just about everything for it and nothing seemed to work....until I stumbled across a product called 'lactic acid' a savior! It completely got rid of my light stretch stretch marks like it never existed. I mixed about 40 percent lactic acid with any kind of water based lotion ( I used jergens) applied it to my body for a month straight before I applied 90 percent lactic acid straight on stretch marks for a half hour or the whole day. It took 2 applications a month apart for them to vanish!

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I'm interested in trying this one where do u get lantic acid?


I got mine from lotion crafter


I need this


I rly rly want a solution to these stretchmarks cuz I hv loads of dem n its vry embarassin bt wateva I tried nothin workd.. so r u sure dis remedy will work??


Yes I serious! Just be careful because even tho its mild it's still acid

de beauty

but how can we get this lotion crafter cos i don't know any



I am interested;because I have got the same problem on my ass, awful stretchmarks. 30 minutes to a day seems quite long, did you experience deep burning? Were you able to go to work and seat after that?

Thanks for your answer.


The site I ordered it from was 'lotion' and no it didn't burn because I got my body used to it with mixing it up with lotion first for a month so by the time I used it by itself I didn't feel a thing.


how many ounces did you purchase?


Were do i get it from pls i realy need it.

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