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TinTin Co

I did have angular cheilitis for almost a month. I thought I was just dehydrated. I kept researching about my case and this disease could either be caused by bacteria and/or fungi. That's the slit at the corners of your mouth will not be healed by applying petroleum jelly. Petroleum hydrates your skin but it can't kill bacteria and fungi. I also tried bactroban but it also didn't work because it's only for killing bacteria.

knowing that this disease could either be caused by bacteria or fungi, you need a medicine that is not only anti-bacteria or anti-fungal. You need a medicine that kills both. My roommate recommended a certain medicine which is Betnovate cream/ Betamethasone valerate which I found out was anti-bacteria and anti-fungal! :) The slit at the corners of my mouth was healed after 2 days. Thank God! :D This medicine can be bought in any drugstore. It's an over the counter medicine. I know the feeling of having this disease and that's why I want to help. Don't let the slit last for months or years. If you're in doubt, research on the medicine I recommended. It's really true! :)

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De Maria

Betnovate N cream works for me too. But for short amount of time.


What about the scaring from angular chellitus?

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