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I am 58 and have had herpes since the mid seventies,(the fun years),i only get a breakout around the top of my bum near the base of my spine these days .When I can feel an outbreak coming on i take an acyclovir tablet and rub aloe vera gel on the area . This relieves the itch and pain instantly.I keep taking the acyclovir and rubbing aloe vera on for a few days until the sore and redness dissapears . The aloe vera gel is the trick to ease the pain .

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YOU'RE THE 1ST POST (person) I've ever seen to have exact same area of OBs as I do (lower back, base of spine). Sometimes, for whatever reason, I get 1 to 6 blister clusters (1-2 large and the others usually smaller) at various spots around my back waist area.... I just started to take valtrex daily (500 mg) instead of only when I feel a OB coming, because believe u me, I can FEEL those f*ckers coming ~ nerve endings along back of thighs, calfs and lower back tingle and are sore and half of all my OBs, my groin lymph nodes swell up ~ very painful, all of it; ESPECIALLY on lower back where blisters arise/break. I'm a 37 yr old female and a mother. I've had hsv-2 for 19 yrs. Have only had 1 genital OB (first OB ever, went to dr, had it cultured, came back positive, then thought of various ways to off that partner) then virus laid non-active/dormant for almost 5 yrs (honestly thought/wished/hoped/prayed I magically cured myself- no such luck!!) Had extreme lower back pain, and felt as if I had a muscle knotting up or something like that, pain management issues. Then 2-4 days later, a small circular quarter sized blister formed and I knew IMMEDIATELY I was NOT cured : (
That's when I got back on valtrex/generic brand works just as well. I've started using Colloidal Silver (immune support/available at any health food place) 5-7 xs daily. I recently have started having frequent (about once a month) OBs ~ who knows why, besides: I have an incurable virus. Do u have any suggestions for me? Like I said, ur post is only one I've ever seen that sounds similar to me. Have you heard/read any info relating to hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade process?? Thank u for posting!!! I know others have it regularly on their low backs as opposed to genitals (because I've googled images of 'lower back blisters' just to see if there were others like me) and WHOA, the answer is the search and be amazed. Maybe after so many years the OBs just tend to stay closest to the place they live/hide (base of spine)...who knows. ? My dr says blisters can show up anywhere on the body since ur whole body is infected, but I've only had them apprear once on genitals (initial OB= OUCHIE!!! WANTED TO DIE!!) and then on low back for last 10 yrs of my life. (the pain is extreme because I have 2 herniated discs, as well as, bulging discs below those 2, in my lumbar from car accident: and it keeps gettin better!!!) IN the past Ive been on a cocktail of opiates, xanex, antidepressants and have had various/multiple injections directly into my lumbar area for car accident injuries and even those can't make me forget about the pain, it's seriously THAT INTENSE.
Today, I'm clean from all prescription drugs, except valtrex and one may think this positive life choice, would've made me stronger, immune system speaking, resulting in LESS OBs, that is NOT the case! Sometimes this virus makes me think 'I want to use again' but I resist for my daughters sake, as well as, my own because while on my cocktail (was using prescribed, legal drugs for 9 yrs) I was still having OBs - the cocktail helped me kinda forget, well, everything really. Definitely can't raise a healthy productive daughter that Ive been clean 4 yrs (my little girl is 3 & healthy & I had a C-section so the possibility of passing this f'ed virus to her was nonexistent~ THANK U JESUS!)
Again thx for posting ; )


Yup same deal. Mid 60s and genital herpes at the top of the butt for 40 plus years.

The issue is more about loss of esteem now. Originally it was constant abrasion as a cyclist that spread it from the penis. 15x outbreaks per year for a decade.

Now keeping the clothing rub/abrasion down and ignoring OBs seems best. Wear only natural fibres in the area with no poly, plastic or synthetics.

I have found going 'Scottish and dropping the boxer undies all together is good too. More air and dryness. Just do an anal area wash with a wet paper towel after a #2. The need for a pair of undies disappears and the under carriage gets to breath in looser fitting pants.

Keep the immunity stronger by following 'de-stress' principles whatever that means to you.

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