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Hi! I just want to share this home remedy and how to use acv in a proper way :)

1. clean the affected area with any antibacterial soap
2. clean with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide will do so any residue of the soap will be removed
3. get a cotton ball (must be the same size of your warts)
4. put a very very small amount of acv ( Apple Cider Vinegar ) on the cotton ball
5. place it on the warts and cover with bandaid and soak overnight. repeat this process everyday and night ^^,

PS: at first night of using acv. It will burn. Like putting a lemon in your pimples. :D but dont worry. It will gone in 3-5mins. Its tolerable. The bandaid is very useful so the acv wont destroy healthy cells. Anyway, you will get used to burning sensation when you apply this often. I can guarantee you 100% it will work!

Expected Results:
1st = warts starts to swell (pink)l. dont touch it! just repeat the process
2nd = warts will turn red
3rd = it will turn violet
4th = it'll turn black
5th = then fall's off :D, I literally mean 'FALL' it will fall and will never come back but not if you keep doing unprotected sex. lol

It helps so just follow my instruction

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Hi but how about the warts inside? Do i have to use shringe? and how about amount of acv to put in shringe?

Also, can i soaked the whole cotton ball onto the warts insteadt of cotton buds? does the skin get affected?

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