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1 teaspoon of local honey. The honey be local honey not store bought. You can usually find it at your herbal or natural stores. My son had horrible allergies, throwing up every morning. Started giving him 1 teaspoon of honey for 3 weeks and it has been months and he has been allergy free and feels excellent. Mother of a beautiful 5 yr old son. This works pls try it.

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My dad swears by local honey. It works GREAT for pollen allergies but is not much good for other types of allergies such as dust,mold, etc...

Definately try it FIRST!! It could save on painfull allergy shots!!


This one's true. The idea is that the local honey is made from local bees who pollenate the local flowers with local pollen...that pollen being the stuff that you're allergic to. Since you're metabolising the local flora nad fauna from the inside out instead of the outside in, your body thinks it's SUPPOSED to be it doesn't 'fight back'.


This works very well on my father's pollen, grass, ragweed allergies. He puts a teaspoon of local honey in his coffee every morning and rarely needs allergy medicine anymore.

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