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I'm 20 & a woman of colour. I started getting stretch marks at the age of 17, this year they got worse, they were much darker. I decided to take budget friendly action.
It's been 3 days now & I'm seeing remarkable results.
In the Morning, before I bath, I take potatoe slices & rub them on my marks.
Then I take a Dry brush & I brush my skin in a circular motion.
Once that's done, I apply lemon juice, then take a bath.
During the day, make use of Happy Event/ Tissue Oil or even baby oil.
At night, I apply a generous amount of Vicks Vapor Rub (DONT RUB IT IN) then I cover it with cling wrap, I wear tight leggings, then sleep.

The first morning, I couldn't even believe it.

I hope it works for you :).

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Hi there, what kind of brush do you use and can i use calamansi juice instead of lemon?


Hi dear,I really want to try this plz what type of brush did u do I get vicks vapour rub and how do I coverit with cling wrap tanx


I tried this but how can u stand the smell of Vicks it's so strong.


Hi I am a 15 year old girl , and I'm having stretch mark issues on the sides of my thighs and back closer to my behind , I really need a cure that works , I'm so insecure about my body , and afraid that people will notice it..


Hi , I'm a 15 year old girl with the same problems and I've tried a few things and feel as if there is no hope they will ever go away! It's my biggest insecurity about my body and I just wish it would go away , does this really work? I would love to try it , my goal is to get rid of them before summer starts it's such an embarrassment while in a swim suit...


Like the back scrubbers brushes

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