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BV MUST READ. Hi my name is Jessica. I live close to Mexico and when I say close I mean the border is 10min away I went to see a doctor that was recommend to me in mexico. Had bv for 3yrs nothing got rid of it but after seeing him he gave me a prescription to a medication called femiprim. It was a six day tablet of absorbic acid that is inserted into your vagina. It WAS A MIRACLE. TOTALLY TOOK IT AWAY. Now I've been buying this mediation on a off since my vagina goes out of wack sometimes but I insert a tablet at the first synthoms of bv and it cleans me out like magic every time. Things are getting crazy in Mexico so I took the time to find an alternative.. CVS sells 250mg vitamin c tablets which is ascorbic acid. Same ingredient and amount in my tables for a fourth of the price of femiprim. I instert one as needed and it works just as great!

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How many pills does it take to get rid of it?


Hey, I was also inserting Vitamin C every time bacterial vaginosis acted up. But I ended up bleeding randomly for no reason. I would bleed during sex and just when I would pee. Almost anything seemed to spark it. So I wouldn't recommend this long term. Just some advice!

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