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I Had the hugest boil for a few days, when it finally started to drain I found out it was a carbuncle (multiple boils under the skin). It was right on the side of my girl part near the crease of my leg, boy did was was I in sooooo much pain. Hot compresses work best for that. But in order to stay away from doctors and surgery (lancing) is to drain it yourself right? Right. That's the only way it will get better. Anyways my mom went walgreens (so I'm sure any drug store carries it) and asked the pharmacist, he said the BEST stuff for boils was PRID, it comes in a little orange box. It was about 9bucks kind of expensive but we'll worth it. He was definitely right, it brought mine to a head the first day I used it, it's draining and my boil (boils) are almost fully gone!!! Hope I could help. I couldn't resist posting on this website and recommending the stuff !

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Recurring Boils can be : Acutaneous dental sinus tract is a channel which leads from a dental focus of infection to drain onto the face or neck.1 These tracts tend to occur more frequently from infected mandibular teeth (80%) than maxillary teeth (20%).2 Hence, they are more common in the submandibular or submental regions of the face.3 Sinus tracts may result from localised infections, such as an infected tooth, periodontal disease, actinomycosis or osteomyelitis.4 There are numerous reports of cutaneous dental sinus tracts in the dental literature,1,4-10 but comparatively few reports in the medical literature.2,3 Patients with these lesions often present first to general practitioners rather than to dentists,1-7 possibly because they do not associate lesions of the face with teeth and often have no associated dental pain.


Please have your teeth checked by an endodontist for an infection if the boil continues to recur. Thank God, I did the research and found the association between my recurring chin boil and my infected tooth.

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