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soap and water in a spray bottle, I work on a farm and the flies are everywhere! I was starting to go crazy trying different remedies, but this one has worked the best so far!!

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I have been having a problem with drain gnats going nuts in my kitchen garbage can. Tried the dish soap with water and it seemed to work. Then I added some ammonia to the mix and holy cow it knocked em out really fast. Completely removed them. Staying with that formula. Super cheap fly killer.


Hi so when you say soap, do you just mean hand soap or washing u liquid please ?


Just tried this and oh my gosh it really worked. My screens outside were covered in flies, I sprayed this and waited 20 mins went back out and they are gone!!!!!


Add dish soap with limon juice and vinager!!! They can't stand that...


How much of each item?


This worked excellent!! Best remedy I have found so far! Thanks so much!

Windy Murray

THANK YOU!!! It worked! I jusdt got rid of a couple HUNDRED flies! I have been going crazy! I cant use chemical sprays because of my animals. I have citranella plants, lavender plants, merigolds, geraniums! I STILL HAVE FLIES! This helped soooo much!


Thank you!! I live in Mexico and i cant believe the flies her are very persistent and they bite! Know i have found my new best friend!!!! Thank You bunches!!! It really works!!


just use dish soap? how much soap and water? does it leave a residue on the surface u spray?


ok tried that. Now my porch smells like vinegar and soap and the flies are clean but still there!

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