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Nearly 3 years I go I was raped and consequently was infected with GH. Emotionally, I have been able to deal with what was forced on me however have still not yet been able to come to terms with the nasty disease I now have to live with. I had just turned 18 at the time so it upsets me knowing that having a normal sex life is something I will never get to experience. To me sex shouldn't come with the anxiety and humiliation of having to tell your partner what you have first, and putting them in the awkward position of choosing what they want to do. It still botheres me when conversations get brought up about how stupid people must be to get an std, because truth is, we're not stupid; we're unfortunate and as luck would have it we normally arn't the ones that sleep around! So my point is that the physical pain of herpes isn't the only pain that needs a remedy, the emotional part does too! My first outbreak was bad but not as bad as the one I have right now. I have in excess of 15 blisters at present and i find it impossible to even move. Tea tree oil is a godsend however! The relief, calming and drying sensation it provides is everything we need and crave when we get these real nasty breakouts. Normally, a salted bath can provide enough relief however this outbreak for me is far worse then what any of my previous ones have been. If you do thorough research you will realize that there arn't too many options for relief with GH so take on board the few options that there and see you gp. I am still far to embarrassed to see my normal doctor about this so I see a seperste doctor for these matters and will even use a different chemist. For me, I feel like it it is one measure I can take to avoid word ever getting out about having it. ..

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I got GH 9 years ago when I met my wife. She had gotten it from her ex. Yes it can be embaressing and painful, but we deal with it. Even though we both have it, I have a hard time talking about it with her. Usually when one of us have an outbreak, the other has one within a week or two. I'm very sorry about what happened to you and hope you have someone in your life that can help help you through this.


I'm so sorry to hear this. My ex was cheating on me with prostitutes when he was traveling for work. My first break out was 7 yrs ago. I find it most frustrating that he claims to never get breaks outs and has continued to have unprotective sex with multiple partners while I try to be honest and let anyone I consider a long relationship with know of my situation end up leaving. Of course no one wants to have what I have.
I too was not sleeping around and thought I would be safe from ever catching anything like this. Now I'm stuck being single forever from shame and the virus!


Im not a dr. nor am I practicing medicine, but I hear zinc and lysine is good for it. It is a virus compromised by immunity level. Even menstruation hormone can erupt it. Bring up and keep your immunity up. Mushroom complex, vit. C, bathing in 35% peroxide you buy at $1 store all during outbreak, drinking h2o2/distilled or reverse osmosis water or you WILL die. Cancer, herpes, virus' cant survive oxygen! You may never get an outbreak again. If so it may be way less next time.

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