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I suffer from something horrible every 5 yrs or so not sure why or what it is. I get pushed over hard as if I was slammed down head first, I think its pressure on my inner ear from allergies? Anyway Im usually in bed for 2 weeks and another week of TOTAL FEAR of it happening again up and down my condo stairs or driving. This last time I put some coconut oil in my ears, enough to fill up one a little lay on that side for 5-10 minutes move to the other one do the same. I did this for a few days and I was limited to bed for only 3 days this time... I am going to try it again next time and make sure its not a fluke but Coconut oil does have anti fungal killing agents so I say it may have helped any ear infections happening maybe? Who knows just wanted to pass on this info its harmless and ppl have used olive oil for many decades this is just as harmless.. but has better healing properties.. good luck let me know who it goes for you all

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