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To relieve hemorrhoids dab a little vicks vapor rup on the area. A cooling sensation will be felt immediately and if your hemorrhoids are painful this will be welcomed. I apply the vicks two times a day and the hemorrhoid ususally shrinks within a day (24hrs).

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this was extremely painful for me. horrible pain and buring sensation. i would never try it again.


This was terrible, I wish I had read the other comment before I tried it!! I agree never again.


I used vicks and the cooling sensation was a relief. It definitely feels better than the itching and pain I have experienced for 3 weeks. I work out alot and I think the strain causes my problem.


Whoever submitted this is a sadist. That was just a mean thing to do to someone.


this is really true. it might burn for a minute but then the coolness just takes over.


Thank you for sharing your remedy, I already tried it today and its giving me a great relief, I will put some more this evening


fuck come on does it work or not my ass hurts


I had a friend that tried this. He then dressed and went out to do chores. He said he got half way to the barn. He then turned and started running back to the house, stripping his clothes off as he run. Got in the house and turn the cold water on for the tub and jumped in.
He would not suggest this treatment again.


The vicks gave some relief from pain and the cool feeling was a great relief.


I tried this suggestion today, I was terrified at first but the pain was so bad I figured it was worth a try. I cleaned the area, applied a warm compress and then applied the Vicks and WOW! it really worked. This remedy was truly a God-send.

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