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After reading these home remedies, I decided to try the tying off method. I used sterile dental floss & tied it around the base of my horrible anal tag. It's about the size of a pea or a little bigger. I repeated this method using another sterile piece of floss making sure it was as tight as I could stand it. The pain was horrible & it still is when I tighten the strings. 4 days have passed & I see little to no change in the color of the tag except for a blood red color around the edges where the string is tied, other than that it has turned white & is fairly hard. It's very sore to touch. Some people are posting theirs turned black & fell off within a week. Mine is fairly large so maybe it'll take a little longer. So I'm wondering if the whiteness is a sign that it is being oxygen deprived or not, am I making progress or am I just putting myself through unnecessary pain? Please someone help!

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I just finished removing a fairly large anal skin tag. Thrilled with the results!!! Smooth, can't tell where it was within 10 minutes of it being gone. It was about the size of 2-3 peas. Used dental floss and tied it around the base. Difficult to do but I managed. It was painful at times. It took 5 days start to finish. I would use a new piece of floss and tie it tighter every day, sometimes twice a day. I took a few sitz baths when it was very painful, used ice a couple of times and lived on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. It would get to throbbing right after I'd tie new floss on and then the pain would get better. It was always there but nothing terrible. Tonight I noticed it was attached by just a thread if skin and it was no longer as painful. As it seemed dead, I used scissors to cut it off. No pain! I'd do this again in a heartbeat!


So happy, my anal tag fell off today! I found I'd had it for approximately a year but it never bothered me. Eventually it grew a little and I could always feel it when washing down there and it was just so embarrassing. So I decided to take action after reading up about it and the dental floss method since it worked for many others on this forum. I took my chances, with the nervous thought of the embarrassing trip to the doctor, but luckily it worked out just fine. I tied a piece of floss as tight as possible. It was difficult to get right on the base it the tag was positioned very close to my actual anus. (Too much info, I'm sorry!) It was pretty painful but I saw little result, only that it became inflamed and grew a little more in size. I thought it would be a good idea to tie another floss string as I felt I was seeing little result. The pain was getting slightly unbearable as I required to do work but required a lot of bending and I won't lie it did hurt. I tied it to find that the tag had now switched colour as it became pale and eventually white. I imagined this to be a good sign as it must be deprived of oxygen. It remained like this for a couple more days. The pain subsided so I attempted to tie the final floss string and at this point I noticed the tag was turning black. When touching the tag it was painless. It did sting down there due to the cuts the floss string made but it was bearable. Today when I went to check the progress of my anal tag, I found it was no longer existent as it had fallen off by itself. A white painless bump remains in the area which is smooth. Although it may not look perfect down there it looks way better than before as I no longer have an anal tag and I recommend this method to everyone! It requires you to maintain a high pain threshold, to be patient and to be as hygienic as possible. My advice would be to tie the string as tight as possible.(It helps to have some music in the background when tying as a distraction) Also I found tying it after a shower before going to bed works well as this gives you the chance to fall asleep right after. This is a good distraction as you can wake up in the morning with slightly less pain as the string will loosen out a little during the night whilst knowing it has been effective. I hope my tips are of use everyone but remember to see a GP if you find you need special medical attention. Good luck!

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