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Lay down on your left side. It works! Even in the hospital when you have a colonascopy they have you laay on your left side to get the gas moving so you don't get the pain in your shoulders. When I was pregnant my dr. recommended it to me too for I had horrible problems and was very painful.

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so simple, and instant (mild) relief!


Laying on my left side worked, but only for a little while. I mean, how long r u supposed to lay there? The pain was too much to just lay there not writhing in agony.


A lot of times when Dr's tell you to lay on your left side it's b/c your BP may be too high and laying on your left side lowers it.


what does gas have to do with pain in ur shoulder? is ur shoulder gassy? *scratches head*


That's because when you have moves around..causing you to have pain in your shoulders, neck, back etc..

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