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I was in the worst pain of my life!! And let me tell you I have 4 kids and have had 2 kidney stones and this was the WORST! I had an abscessed tooth (back molar) and I came on here and tried EVERYTHING!! Chewing raw garlic, salt and pepper, extract... ect. The only relief I got other than meds was swishing liquer in my mouth and that was only for a short time. I went to the er, the dentist ( had to wait to have the tooth pulled till some antibiotics) and I got the tooth out and OMG!! The pain is gone.. BUT I was putting a heat pack on my face while I was in pain and the dentist said I was making it worse!! Never apply heat!!

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Omg I have an abscess on my gum and it spread to my left cheek . The pain first started hurting in my tooth I tried the raw garlic it worked for 2 sec. And the pain got worse so I rinsed with salt water did not work at all so I went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning I felt like there was needles in my mouth I tried smiling and it hurt so looked in the mirror and half my face was swollen and half was normal im in so much pain im on my third day in pain I went to my dentist today and they said that the tooth has to be removed but they can't do it today because its badly infected they gave me antibiotics and they do not work at all and now I have to wait 9 more days till they take the tooth out I can barely eat and drink it hurts to talk.


Really no heat? My Endodontist said to apply heat and ice. However I to always believed that heat would make it worst(the infection).
And yes absoultely having pain in teeth is horrible.

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