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I suffered from recurrent BV for 1 full year 3 years ago. I literally had it every month & as soon as it went away, I'd get my period and it would come back. I have literally tried every remedy out there - this is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. This cured me of BV for 2 years. I recently had a new partner & it returned - I followed this regimen for 2 days and it is literally completely gone.

Everything can be bought at Whole Foods (I'm sure other places & online as well!)

At night, use tea tree oil suppositories. Tea tree oil is a great antibacterial & they take care of the smell right away.

When you wake up, open a capsule of a very high potency probiotic (I used Ultimate Flora Probiotic - Women's Complete. It is 90 billion & must be refrigerated) Place the powder on your fingers and put it up your vagina as far as you can. It's a little uncomfortable at first but quickly goes away & is absorbed into your body.

I also took 2 of the probiotics on an empty stomach, a ton of Vitamin D & Folic Acid. FYI - if you are taking a probiotic that is not refrigerated it's not working. They are active live cultures that have a short shelf life & are best in powder or released capsule form.

I also tried to eat as healthy as I could - drank a lot of vegetable juices and no processed food or sugar. I also didn't drink any alcohol.

I did this for 2 days and I can literally say it's gone. It is sooo much more effective than any gel or antibiotic you'll be prescribed. BV is caused by an imbalance of good/bad bacteria. The probiotic is literally replenishing the good bacteria instead of wiping everything away.

Good luck!!! I really encourage any one who is suffering to try this.

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T tree oil is an antifungal.


I followed your steps and it worked. I pray it lasts. You are a life saver. Thank you.

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