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Good Morning,
I too like a lot of young woman have suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis. I never used to get them when I was younger but now that I've had a child and I'm in my early 30's I seem to get them more so after I've had sex with my boyfriend or after I've had my period. I think a lot has to do with the fact that his semen may just have a higher ph balance of some sort and it messes up the ph balance in me. But I tend to get them reoccuring and it's very uncomfortable and a more annoying than anything. The first time I got one I of course like the rest of you went to the doctor to get treatment. Then I realized I could use over the counter remedies. But I didn't want to keep taking medicine for these or over the counter drugs so I did research. Taking 400mg of FOLIC ACID DAILY combined with a PROBIOTIC and a VITAMIN D pill made it go away. I first started taking Folic Acid and no kidding by the next day the symptoms were less, and after 3days it was gone. Also I've noticed if I seem to be getting one or feel like I'm going too I up the folic acid by one tablet but I insert it. I know it sounds silly, but the absorbtion of the folic acid right were it needs to be gets absorbed quickly and helps cut that BV down before it starts.
I promise you FOLIC ACID works. No more going to the doctors for pills or creams or jells. Or having to go to the local store to get over the counter pills. Just taking folic acid daily is the cure.
I hope this helps and helps you all with this issue. Sometimes being a female isn't so pleaseant but there are ways to make it more enjoyable:)

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I have been taking perscription folic acid 1 mg and I do not see any change . I am also taking a probiotic, vit D, biotin, Vit C, Multi vitamin, Garlic ... I am at my wits end with this :(

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