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I had thick yellow toenails that would not grow. I read about many different remedies and tried some. My treatment was that I would tape cotton balls soaked in a mixture of half vinegar to half regular listerine to my toenails every night for a month. In the morning after my shower I would put a drop of tea tree oil on my toenails and wait until it soaked in before putting on socks. I also cleaned out the gunk under my toes and trimmed my toenails as much as possible to get rid of as much infected nail I could (my nail kind of peeled away because the infected nail was detaching from the nail bed). Now I put tea tree oil on my nails after my shower and before bed. They are growing out white and free of fungus. It has taken about 5 months but it is worth it.

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I've found with using topical treatments soaked in a cottonball, that a finger cot rolled over top, keeps the treatment in place comfortably.

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