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I will start off by saying that not all remedies will help each person as every person is different. But it remains that tooth pain can be one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. I have recently been having the worst pain of my life because a back tooth broke after some dental work in the past had complications. Now half of the tooth is gone. I will start by saying AVOID SMOKING CIGARETTES! The smoke will irritate your tooth and could lead to infection if it is not already. Avoid anything too hot or too cold. Try to eat soft foods and avoid items such as chips, hard crackers, etc. They can be hard on your teeth and cause more pain. Keep your mouth clean by brushing and use mouth wash. Most mouth washed will help with some of the pain. And floss to keep the area clean. Flossing could be painful but will benefit you in the healing process. One remedy I used that can work is mixing garlic powder, cinnamon, and salt in warm water and holding it to the affected tooth for a few minutes. Continue applying until your pain becomes tolerable. If that does not work, some people say that using warm salt water swished around in your mouth will help. It did not work for me, but as I stated before, it may not work for everyone. You can also try a vapor rub on the outside of the cheek. I am not sure how this works, but it does seem to help with the pain. You can also crush up a tylenol, mix with water and baking soda making a paste and apply it to the tooth that is causing the pain. Apply it to the surrounding area of the gums as well. There is also another remedy using an onion. If you have a yellow onion around, cut it into very small pieces, put it in a tea bag that has been cut open and the tea removed, place it between your tooth and your cheek on the tooth and leave it there for about 30 minutes. The juices from the onion will ease the pain. You do not have to use a tea bag. You can use any type of thin material that will allow the juices to run out. I have used a bandage before and it worked fine. Make sure you keep the tooth clean and remember to floss. If the infection becomes too bad, it will start to affect the surrounding teeth leading to more pain and complications. If you are experiencing swelling, put about 5 ice cubs in a bag and wrap it in a wet towel holding it to your face for long periods of time. It pressure may be uncomfortable at first but will decrease the longer you hold it to the area that is puffing up. Some people find that switching from cold to warm helps. Just holding the ice helped me. Garlic does work for me. I mixed garlic powder in water and rubbed it into my gums and the tooth that is throbbing and it did in fact ease the pain. A garlic clove will do the same. I hope that this helps somebody. If I come up with anything else I will share. Good lucky everyone and I feel for all of you. There are few things more painful than a toothache!

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Thank you!! Garlic and warm water did ease my pain for a little while. I need to get to a dentist fast. But maybe I can get some sleep tonight with the helpful hint you have giving me. Thanks!!

Ryan Berkemeier

I have tried multiple remedies at the same time cuz I have like 5 abses teeth. Thanks u so much for the help. Btw stupidly I AM an avid smoker lol but other than that thank you.

Jayme Parker

Omg almost instantly my pain is gone by mixing tge garlic powder and warm water. Thank you so much. Doesn't taste the greatest but works. I will now carry it with me until these teeth get pulled.


vaper rub dose work for me i did it and take a hot shower are a bath works also


works great


Thank you so much for this! The mouthwash and garlic/warm water did not work but I then tried the vabor rub for the heck of it and it has eased my pain! I still have pain but this took some away and so thankful for your post!


Thank you- The tylenol baking soda paste has provided me with some much needed relief until this tooth gets pulled.

jayjay love

This just save my life. Really thought I was dying the garlic powder with yellow onions really saved me thank you


Onion is helping!

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