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I know Tag Away hasn't helped a lot if people BUT I used it about two weeks just applying it when I remembered and mine fell off yesterday. It was huge too.

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I agree! I started using this Christmas Day and my tag is already visibly smaller. It's like it's just dissolving itself. It has only been 3 days.


How many times should I apply the product on the skin tag each day?


I can't stand the smell. So don't know if it works. LOL


If you need to put a piece of cloth in between, coat it with some uetnecsnd, unmedicated lubriderm. putting dry cloth over a tattoo can cause the cloth to heal to the tattoo, and once you tear it off, it will take some of the ink with it. i fell asleep and my tattoos healed to my bed sheet, and when i pulled it off in the morning, it pulled off some of the scabbing which left blotches in the ink.

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