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Michelle Nash

Been having this burning in my mouth for a while..Started as something a little annoying then became intensely painful. It finally got to waking me up in the middle of the night because my mouth was hurting so bad..The only thing i have found that would calm it was hot coffee...Yesterday i was in so much pain i took a razor and tried to shave the thrush off my tongue..I was to the point of using the razor to just remove my tongue problem solved right??? Anyways came across the white vinegar and yes it burned like I had poured gasoline and lit it on fire immediately.. I swished it around until my eyes watered and i began to cry...Spit it out...Begged the stinging to stop and within a very few minutes precious relief...I took a towel and began to rub the white stuff off my tongue...I read a few more remarks and hit the second dose...I am now able to swallow and smile...Thank you so much...I will continue to use the vinegar until im sure it's all gone..The relief is almost instant...

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allison reynard

After returning home afer a 5 day stay in hospital one of the 3 antibiotics given to me gave me oral thrush, I googled home remedies for thrush and found one using white vinegar which I always have in my cupboard I have used this twice and gargled with it scraped my tongue with a tongue scraper which hurt like hell as thrush was spreading down my throat and it felt like my tongue was on fire...i have used the vinegar twice and now its completely gone better than snother anti biotic thats for sure....,


Vinegar is great for yeast overgrowth for sure but I was always instructed to dilute 1:1 ratio with water. This will help with the burning sensation using the vinegar full strength!

Sandy S.

Thank you ladies!! I've been having issues with oral thrush so much that I had to suffer until it showed up in my mouth before my doctor finally got the clue! She didn't believe me since I no longer get Vaginal yeast infections. It always starts up in my throat, starts to spread downward which make me cough, then back up where it can be seen. What an aggravation that is!! The ratio 1:1 was perfect, some burn but after instant relief. I don't have to be on an antibiotic for it to start, just a lot of unusual stress kicks it in. Thanks again for posting your remedies. Hugs to you!


Tried the white vinegar just about an hour ago. Could eat dinner and feeling much better! Thank you! Great advice.


Only had apple cider vinegar. But within an hour got better..but went to get white at store gonna do another dose.


Thank you all so much for sharing this I took zpack caused thrush to my already low immune system. Need fast relief for the fluconazole to have time to work. This wasn't as painful as I was afraid it was to be (considering what I'm already dealing with). This gave me enough relief that I may be able to get sleep.


I developed oral thrush shortly after getting over a respiratory virus. After reading your comments, I just gargled with 1:1 ratio white vinegar:warm water. Yes, it stung pretty severely. Interestingly, I seem to have thrush in more places in my mouth and throat than was visible in a mirror, based on the where it stung the most! I really hope this helps. I've been through the ringer lately, and thrush is the last dang thing I wanna contend with.


I have tried several home remedies-hydrogen peroxide, yogurt, raw apple cider vinegar diluted in water. I saw some minor help with the thrush in my mouth. I decided to try diluted vinegar a 1:1 ratio. For me it did not help and has actually caused a lot more pain and more difficulty in eating. I know every person is different.

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