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My was was dark and stubborn... nothing had worked until I found this site... finally I can hear a lot better. Thanks for different ideas, especially the waterpic idea.

I just have a small modification:

I remember as a child we first used oil to soften/dilute the wax. So here is the procedure I used:

1) Sterilize (olive) oil by heating it in spoon over a candle or low flame for a few second.

2) let it cool

3) drop 5-10 drops of oil into the ear - let it move into the ear

4) Sleep what that ear against the pillow

5) the next morning, use warm/hot water with the water pic (at low setting)

Do this a couple nights in a row as needed.

Thanks all. I am now off for a flight back with my ears open!!!

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just here to say thank you very much
it works properly and I am now hearing


I just want to say thanks I used the olive oil remedie on my 8 year old son and it work!!! I used to take him to the drs for them to clean it out since he was a baby he has had problems with this,but Idecided since he was having problems hearing out of his ear and his drs appt was still a couple days away that i would try something else and it work he can hear and his ear is all cleaned out with out any pain, thanks again
One happy mom :-)


What if you all you have is olive oil and no waterpik? Help!

Sarah, RN

if you don't have a waterpik use an ear/baby nose syringe with warm water or a saline nasal spray bottle. waterpik just has a thin end to stick in the opening of the ear and pressurizes water. a syringe or bottle may just need refilled but keep spraying until it all comes out!


All of a sudden my ear starts hurting me I did't know what is happening so I go to the doctors and they said to use Olive Oil and put water and leave it in my ear for about only ten minutes I didn't try it yet but I hope this works!!!!!

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