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Thank God for these sites though. Bless you all. Im a 38 year old male. The first time I found out I had GH I cried and felt like shit. I took the chance with someone I wouldve given anything for. Im not sure if she knew she had it, but I knew it was her who gave it to me. Nah, she knew she had it. She told me she was unable to have kids due to some misfortune in her uterus. Talked some shit about someone giving her chlamydia blah blah blah. After my research on the individual I found out she was a local whore, (I was visiting another 1st world Country)I was in Love with everything I wanted her to be. I came back to Canada with GH and hated myself for not being smarter. We broke up and Ive moved on, being honest with my new found partner about my condition. This might not be the best advice at all, it's not even advice. I've had GH for 3 years and OH (cold sores) since I was 13. Ive noticed that after intense kissing throughout my teens, 20s and 30s... I never transferred oral herpes to anyone. Im not a doctor, but I feel like the condition needs to be active in order for it to be transferred. What doesnt make sense is that the chick I recieved GH from, showed no signs. Now, All experienced dudes (and dudettes) know if you're gunna have sex while an outbreak is in full swing, your partner is overly likely to take a loot bag home with a box of GH in it. But, Ive been having sex with my most recent partner of 3 years, sometimes using a condom and sometimes not using one, while healthy (no symptoms and feeling fine)and she has been unaffected. Are we playing Russian Roulette? I would hate myself if she suffered as I have or some of the women Ive read about on this site. Most of you probably think we're stupid, but we've both noted that when Im healthy, Im not a hazard. Do remember in no way am I suggesting to have sex unprotected while your condition lays dormant. Dont do it. Yes we are stupid.

In terms of treatment I use Valtrex 3 times a day for 5 days which works with me well. The disease is neutralized quickly and healing appears to begin right away. The only problem I have is the skin on my penis repairing itself after the sores/blisters have dried up and flaked off. For that I used a little cocoa butter and pure vitamin e on a qtip. Seems to take a bit longer but I would rather that than picking at dry scabs.

Shower everyday, change underwear frequent. Keep sanitizer around for yourself and your place. Eat healthy. Take your vitamins.

A lil advice for cold sores as I rarely get them since my outbreaks as a kid: Dont have your lips overly exposed to sun or cold. Keep ur lips healthy. Clean hands when dealing with your lips. Have a trusted combination of lip products always handy. Know your initial signs and act early. You can stop an outbreak. I use : Blistex DCT lip balm/sunscreen everyday - If I feel tingling I immediately combine Blistex Medicated Lip ointment (red m white tube)or just use it alone - and if the tingling has made it to emergency stage and I start feeling micro bumps on my lip I combine Lipactin gel or use it alone. My shut down rate is like a 98%.

All the best

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I used peroxide an vinegar. ..peroxide to cleanse and relieves pain an vinegar for shrinking sores. It worked great an no scabs at all it jus shrinks until its gone!


YES you are playing Russian roulette. It does not sound like you have done much research on your affliction, which is exactly how I got it - my partner was misinformed and didn't bother learning from a medical professional about it. I is you responsibility to know everything there is to know about this virus to reduce he risk of transmitting. Most people with GH never experience symptoms and therefore never knew they had it, HOWEVER they are still contagious at anytime because the virus sheds without OBs and there is no medical tool a available yet to know when that happens.
She needs to be tested and you need to go on preventative medication to lessen you instances of shedding because even with a condom here is a small chance she can get it so the more things you do to protect her the better.
One last thing to consider, I don't think you mentioned if you had GH1 or 2 but if it is 1 you may have given it to your ex who was asymptomatic and therefore gave it to you during oral sex. You think you have never given your simple 1 to anyone, but it is definitely possible that they just don't know they have it. Please, please, please study up on this virus and protect other people as you were not.


I ha e had hv2 for about 3weeks now. My first ph was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced. Body still aches sometimes. I had unprotected sex with a guy, when I finally told him he said,'I have never had that before.' He didn't react how I did and said he went to the doc but he hasn't said nething about results yet. I had incest noticed a skin difference on his penis, but it was one spot and not bad at all. I just thought it was an irritation . I get hair bumps so I thought it was nothing. Was I a damn fool! I knew better than to have sex without a condom so I felt like I really couldn't be mad at neone but myself. That fact that he really wasn't surprised pissed me off though, he knew.
I read though that it cannot be spread if u do not have an outbreak. And that lysine pills will clear it up in about 2 days. I haven't tried it though,need to. I have been using propolis in a honey paste extract. Basically draught propolis from the earth store. It helps, and I only really feel relief when I take a shower. I got a lil stressed the other day and had an ob a couple of days ago, I guess stress would effect an ob like it does everything else in ur body. The propolis helps with the itching but not with future outbreaks. I hate the meds they prescribed which is acolyvir or something.
My advice is stay wrapped up, I.just thought I could have a lil fun and look what happens. First guy in 8 yrs, other than my ex. Most of u already have who visit this sight but if neone out there just looking for info about stds, be careful! I I am still kind of sad about it.


Another thing why I believe u cannot get it when u don't have an ob is bc I was screwing the guy for a couple of months and didn't get it until a week later after feeling that skin irritation on him. But who knows.


You really need to face reality. Herpes is absolutely spread while not having an outbreak because you can't SEE a virus. It is on the skin, whether you are having an outbreak or not. I got herpes from my partner even though we were always very careful not to have sex during one of his outbreaks.

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