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One remedy that works best for me is mixing salt and toothpaste together then getting a q-tip and applying it on the painful tooth. I would also insert a cotton ball, so I could close my mouth. It's optional and it may or may not work for some of you but it's definitely a good home remedy for me!

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I've had a toothache for the past few days and haven't had time to go to the dentist but my tooth has been throbbing for almost an hour and I tried the toothpaste salt mixture and the pain went away instantaneously. This works wonders!


Just tried this and it the toothache away instantly... Thank u for posting this I would have been up all night in pain if I didn't come across this post


Thanks for this I had a toothache and I tried the toothpaste and salt and it help thanks..


tried every other thing on this site and nothing worked. mixed salt and toothpaste and applied it to the aching tooth and got immediate relief. Thanks so much!

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