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Phil Gough

My wife found that a taplespoon of apple cider vinegar and molasses mixed into a glass of water before bedtime cured her restless legs and that was 5 years also works for my leg cramps that I get sometimes at works in seconds

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If you can rub that somehow into my brain, wich is causing the rls...than mayb ill give it a try..there needs to be more investigation into still trying to wrap my brain around how painkillers work, but anti opiates such as suboxin, and subutex, wich contains something other than opiates work 100%.. its mind boggling..


Dear Timmy: Most serious sources believe that RLS is caused by low levels of dopamine. There is some indication that in some cases RLS can be caused by low iron levels. Anything that increases dopamine in the brain will relieve RLS such as eating or orgasm. That is why at least in mild to moderate cases of RLS, masturbation will buy an RLS sufferer enough time to get to sleep.

Now to your question, narcotic pain relievers (opiates) increase the release of dopamine. From reading the many pages of this site, I have found that THE ONLY THING that works for 100% of the people that use them are narcotic pain relievers such as Tramodol, hydrocodone, percocet, etc. Unfortunately people would rather the RLS sufferers fall asleep driving or at work or in general shorten their lives from lack of sleep than take a pill every night. Problem is, we are all addicted to sleep.


Timmy: Suboxone is a semi-synthetic opioide. So it is not exactly 'something other than an opiate'. In fact it is actually something LIKE an opiate.


How much of each do you use?


how much water


sorry,how much water do I use with the vinegar and molasses?


I started taking my Klonopin at bedtime (Dr instructions for anxiety) and my RLS is completely gone. I don't recommend taking meds to do something that can be accomplished naturally, but if you are already taking it, why not try it at night for RLS. My doctor said there was another medication, but it had far more side effects.
I'm actually searching for a natural remedy for depression and anxiety....and now. RLS I will try some of these suggestions.

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