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I had an ear blocked with mucous following the flu. The pressure was becoming really intense and painful but the biggest problem was that I needed to fly in 4 days. So I trawled this site religiously for any clues that might help me clear my ear. I was getting really desperate and if anyone could have seen me in my hotel room they would have thought I was crazy - I was jumping, shaking my head, touching my toes, breathing in steam from boiling water etc.

In the end this is what worked for me. Basically I worked off the basis that you need to be really hydrated for the mucous in the ear to break up and drain out (in the same way that you become constipated when dehydrated). Since I had been taking cold and flu tablets & pain killers for the previous 5 days I decided to stop taking them. (I read somewhere that taking decongestants for too long can have a negative effect?). I then smashed the water, as in about 3-4 litres per day. For the first day I didn't need to pee that often which showed how dehydrated I was.

I'd noticed that the only time my blocked ear had any change was when I was in the shower. I would get a slight gurgling sound but never a pop. I assumed that the steam was allowing the mucous become a bit more runny but not enough to pop and clear. So each time I was in the shower I would try and gently clear ear by squeezing nose and blowing. After 24 hours of smashing water and no drugs I had a small 'pop' in the shower. It wasn't totally clear but I just kept repeating that process and it gradually got clearer.

My ear still wasn't 100% clear by the time I had to fly so I bought Earplanes from the pharmacy (special earplugs for flying) and took a dose of Mucinex (expectorant) right before I got on the plane. There was still a bit of gurgling on ascent and descent but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

So thats my tip - stop the cold & flu meds if you have been on them a while and hydrate!! Hope this helps.

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And you did all this in 4 days?????


Someone desperately trying to find solutions to a blocked ear doesn't want to hear personal details or emotions. They just want straight forward useful information that will help them to resolve the issue. That is why I did not find this 'guide' helpful.


I enjoyed the personal details since flying just kills my ears.. Also I'm just getting over a middle ear infection and my ears are terribly stopped up.
So I will go hydrate and see I'd that helps.


Thank you. I will be flying for 11 hours in less than 20 days. I will try this.


this post helped me. I used a bowl of hot water and put Eucalyptus essential oil in it. Covered and put my head over it for ten minutes. About five minutes after I plugged my nose and blew gently and my Left ear popped. What a relief my ears have been clogged for a week and I was literally deaf.


The Earadicator clogged ear home remedy works and it is alot easier!


This is solid advice, thank you, we will try the shower trick, and pull back on the sudafed for now


I agree completely. Had 3 ops where they each time installed tiny tubes in my ear drums to drain the blockage.Rather use a mild antihistamin when you have a cold or flue than these meds containing pseudofedrine hidrochloried that promotes drying and thickening of mucus. Painkillers are fine. Thanks for the hidration advise.


Antihistamines actually dry you up--not psuedoephedrine (in response to the previous reply post). You don't want to take antihistamines if you are trying to get fluid to drain and thin. Pseudoephedrine actually shrinks blood vessels in the sinuses and helps fluid drain from the ears. And yes, lots and lots of water.

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