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So, I tried everything for my daughter, would had hair to her waist and a raging infestation of head lice. The thing that finally worked, and has worked every time since, for all three of my kids is Listerine, or any generic version thereof. What I do: Get the plain yellow mouth wash. I put it in a spray bottle and warm it a bit in the microwave, just for comfort purposes. Wrap a towel around the child's neck as to not soak their clothes, and proceed to spray their hair until it is saturated and dripping. I then wrap their hair up in the towel and let it sit for about half an hour. Then shampoo. Your hair will smell like mouth wash for awhile, but it beats lice. I repeat twice more, exactly a week in between. There isn't even a need to comb or wash/dry linens or anything else. The Listerine does the whole job, just as long as you don't skip any one of the three treatments. We fought them the first time for about four months until I figured this out. She's had them twice since, and my son has had them once and this worked every time. For an extremely bad infestation, you may want to soak their hair before bed and cover with a plastic shower cap overnight. If this treatment doesn't work for you, you are doing something wrong, either not enough Listerine or you aren't letting it sit long enough. I don't fear the kids picking up the nasty little creatures any more, though the first go around was a nightmare. The mouth wash was a God send!

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Does it have to be the yellow one


Why would you not have to wash the linens? Aren't the bugs there as well? Or is it the Listerine that repels them from the head/hair head?


No it doesn't have to be yellow use the blue one still work


Don't you have to wash your hair caus you have mouth wash then put shampoo??


Does it burn your head? I feel like I have done everything and those Xoekvjhrjf! Will not die!

Lice hater

It will not make your hair fall out?


any shampoo or do it have to be the lice one..


I am going to try this. I have gone to the doctor/no relief after otc stuff failed, so did the script. This has gone on for months, despite keeping very clean and combing like crazy...I felt like a freak. This has been hellish. I have new hope and will do this today!!


does this take care of the nits also??


Tried this. It worked really well even made her hair shiny. But have constantly been straightening the hair as well for good measure as they came back when her friends visited.

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